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Since 1977 we serve high quality and top end solutions for automation controls in industry and environment confort to engineering, installation companies and end users. We grant the best warranty by the manufacturers we represent.

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CM927 Honeywell
Obsolete reference: replaced the new Honeywell T4R or Honeywell T6R (with Wifi). Wireless thermostat with weekly programmation.

CM907 Honeywell
Obsolete reference: replaced the new Honeywell T4 or Honeywell T6 (with Wifi). Digital weekly programmable thermostat with 6 daily temperature changes.

QRA50M / QRA51M Siemens
UV flame detectors by Siemens.
1,248.40 Taxes not included
LFL1.322 Siemens
Siemens burner controller.
353.35 Taxes not included
Jola PEK-2
Leackage and flooding detector.
140.50 Taxes not included
Jola EHW 2-Z10
Suspension electrode
173.50 Taxes not included