04973-X10-333-20-00-010 Honeywell

Conductivity cell 04973-X10-333-20-00-010 Honeywell (USED)
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04973-X10-333-20-00-010 cell is used for APT2000/4000CC, 9782C or 7082 analyzers and it is designed to make continuous measurements of electrolytic conductivity at temperatures up to 140°C at 250 psig. This cell is primarily suited to measurements in effluents of ion-exchangers and distillation columns, anion, cationic and mixed bed ion exchangers, monitoring and controlling of washing electronic components and many other applications.


- Complete reference: 04973-X10-333-20-00-010
- Cell constant: 10
- Automatic temperature compensation: for APT2000/4000CC, 9782C or 7082
- Leadwire length: 20 ft. leadwire
- Certificates: calibration