DA102-220000-ABB-0-0-R-1-00000-000-EN Honeywell

Chart recorder from DPR100 serie by Honeywell.
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The chart recorder DA102-220000-ABB-0-0-R-1-00000-000-EN belongs to DPR100 AB recorder serie, and it is based in a microprocessor that has been designed for control temperatures, and for general purpose applications worldwide. Its design meets the requirements of quality, ruggedness, flexibility, ease of use and optimum price/functionality combination.


- Complete reference: DA102-220000-ABB-0-0-R-1-00000-000-EN
- Two pens recorders, temperature mesurement in ºC degrees, two scales to inputs 1 and 2
- Two inputs 0-5V
- Unit frequency: multivoltage 50 Hz (85 to 264V)
- Preset speed 1: 0.75 inch/hr
- Preset speed 2: 0.75 inch/hr
- Alarms: none
- Logic input: none
- Chart cassette: standard chart 0-100 linear. Roll
- Door and case: dark grey door withc latch, plastic window